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What We Do

Our Vehicle

Our primary focus is on building a federated platform through mergers and acquisitions and later IPO using unconventional approaches.

In some instances, we also leverage our business, M&A and IPO know-how to provide services without upfront costs for busy companies that recognise the value, yet don’t have the time or financial resources demanded by traditional advisors or lack the expertise to implement for themselves.


Occasionally we come across situations where a company has gotten itself into difficulty and is left with very few options.  The owner(s) may be reluctant to sell, yet they understand their predicament and the likely course of events if things don’t change fast.  For the right business, we can reengineer its fate on a no-win, no-fee basis.

Done For Your M&A To IPO

Growing Your Company Through Acquisitions And Mergers

Growing organically can be a slow and sometimes unpredictable process.  Acquisitions and mergers, if navigated correctly, can be the antidote, creating a significant step-change in growth that transforms a companies outlook and primes it for a major liquidity event.  The dream of many entrepreneurs.

Accelerating Your Company By Going Public

There are many advantages to becoming a public listed company, one of which makes the M&A process much simpler.  The obstacles for most SME’s and even mid-market companies though are significant.

On average an IPO costs somewhere in the region of $2Million and takes approximately 18+ months to complete.

Most IPO’s never actually complete and of all those IPO’s that do eventually list and are heralded in the press (known as Unicorns) nearly 40% fail.

The traditional IPO consumes huge resources, mainly financial and time-based for both the pre and post IPO process.

The art of doing an IPO the right way is to know where to list and how to list without the huge time and cost burden of traditional approaches.

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